Pay To Be Paid

We process charitable Philanthropy on your behalf, according to your own flexible portfolio of vetted supported causes. These give you direct benefits, validated by the Blockchain, and are maintained continually.

Donation Record

Donating Crypto is incredibly tax efficient. We provide you with a completely integrated Crypto donation record, primed to reduce your taxation at the press of a button. This ensures you keep your wealth.

Be Seen

Be seen as a philanthropic leader in Crypto. We provide seamless tools for you to share your Philanthropic achievements, and increase your brand. We post worldwide leaderboards of Philanthropic activity.


We provide transparent and verified data on all GiveBlock payments. We are increasing accessibility to the Philanthropy sector via Blockchain, which will help scale Crypto adoption. Be certain you are contributing towards just causes.

Easy Integration

We integrate directly into payment systems, enabling you to flexibly round up transactions. These small donations accumulate and allocated to your portfolio of supported causes.